Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tasty Treats Come in Pretty Packages

As many of you know I'm getting married this spring and a large focus of the wedding plans have focused around, you guessed it, FOOD. We've taken a lot of time mingling not only flavors together but hopefully guests as well. It's this sharing of food that brings about conversation creating new friends and new memories. Which is why I prefer cupcakes. These little packages are not perfect (which I adore!) but they foster conversation and sharing of flavors. I don't want a slice of cake - I want a taste of red velvet, a bite of lemon and a mouthful of chocolate - no food envy here because you can try them all!
Get your cupcake on!

 So I ask you, what flavors should be included on the wedding list?


  1. coconut! german chocolate! carrot cake!

  2. Oh carrot cake is a good one - definitely a childhood favorite!

  3. Yes that's perfect for our love of chocolate

  4. Jess says...
    Strawberry Shortcake