Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's All in the Experience!

Many times I find that people associate a great meal, an exciting dish with more than the tastes that surround this new eat. And I applaud them for this! A meal, a snack a treat does not stop at the ingredients but includes the presentation, the atmosphere and the people you enjoy it with. It doesn't have to be big or fancy or different but it has to create an overarching experience that feels right. I applaud restaurants and chefs and especially home cooks who naturally know how to compliment a meal and make all these moving parts seem effortless.

So today make lunch a sit down turkey sandwich and add some avocado and sprouts to spruce up this staple. Or serve tonight's mac & cheese in those serving dishes you keep hidden in the top cabinet. Add a glass of wine, friends and some extended conversation and you'll remember that meal forever.

Luckily for me I'm having a weekend of food memories here in Sedona with some long-time girlfriends where we make meal-time an event. We started it off with breakfast of english muffins on the porch and a champagne toast at dusk with the most amazing view I've ever seen at the Enchantment Resort. Heaven.
Ahhh Enchantment!

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