Thursday, March 10, 2011

Take a Break

I do NOT cook every night! I just want to make that clear for everyone because with so many tasty treats to try I have to leave some nights free to do just that. And if you're lucky enough to live in the Boston area there is a great place called New England Soup Factory, which provides the most amazing eats when you need a break. The thing I like most about this 2-location spot is it's focus around one thing - soup. Although they offer other items the focus is around testing the boundaries of chicken noodle and tomato and showcasing the ability of this food item. For instance, tonight I tried sweet potato and barley which was silky (made without dairy) and reminded my why I'm a through and through soup lover.

And how do they create these prized packages - it all begins with a little thing called homemade broth. Stay tuned in the next couple weeks as I'll be demo-ing how this is done and helping a friend make this delicious and versatile base.

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