Monday, March 7, 2011

Finding the Fresh

Last week was Marshfield's annual winter farmer's market, which means I rearranged my schedule, grabbed my reusable bags and was the first one there! In the dead of winter with snow on the ground there were two beauties that caught my eye - bags of small red onions and freshly picked spinach (yes, fresh spinach!) and I bought 2 of each.

So today was a mix of frozen and fresh with one of my go-to easy meals that is great for entertaining, takes no time to cook and feels like a night out on a Monday. Shrimp fra diavolo made with fresh red onions sauteed until sweet and tender combined with frozen (yes frozen) shrimp. Two bits of info: I tend to always go for red onions, they provide a bit more flavor and are much sweeter. And I always buy frozen shrimp, it's a great price and defrosts easily in the fridge or under cold running tap water. It's the mixture of a little freezer staple with a hint of fresh that makes any meal more than just dinner.

Oh and the bottle of Greek wine didn't hurt!


  1. Love the blog so far. Hope you will share some recipes too! -Kelly K.

  2. Keep reading, recipes to come! I take requests too so let me know.

  3. This is FABULOUS JK!!! I absolutely love reading your posts! =) JK

  4. you should move to california. we have farmers markets all year :)

  5. Yum! I want to go to the Market too!
    Mara you can't take Janet to CA, only visiting!