Sunday, January 27, 2013

Put On Your Fancy Pants (Insert Giggles)!

You know what's hilarious? Conference calls where your friend (who lives in another state) giggles like she's 5-years old. It then starts a chain reaction of laughing by me. Then you wind up leaving that job, but it doesn't matter because you and this friend still call each other to giggle. Yes, we are both over 30. (Hi, Brandi, miss ya!)

It's also funny when someone requests to be mentioned in your blog. Poor Brandi, she thinks she's going to become famous from Food Beautiful, but that's really only for Lucy.

So in my quest to understand champagne, Miss Brandi sent me this beautiful bottle.
I had to Google it (do you all remember life before Google, I do, I was more confused) because as you know I have no champagne knowledge. Just that it tastes good. Well most of it.

Pommery Brut Royal, sounds fancy, right? Well, I felt pretty fancy drinking it. I believe champagne should make you feel a bit special. Even when you drink it in your 10-yr old sweats while doing work by the fire. It makes those sweats feel like fancy pants. So here's what the experts say about this bottle:

critical acclaim:
"Lightly toasty, with a lively bead and flavors of poached pear, dried apricot, brioche and honey. Displays chalkiness without being too angular, and culminates in a lasting, apple-tinged finish."
90 Points
Wine Spectator 
How fancy are these!
All I know is that this drink was yum! It tasted light but special and all around good. Definitely on the hunt to buy a couple more, know so I can put on those 10-yr old sweats, sit by the fire and make the night a little more special!

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