Friday, January 4, 2013

A Post Without Pictures

Oh the horror! Actually, I'll probably sneak in some puppy pictures at the end, but that doesn't count does it? It's like when you eat cookie dough, those calories don't count - I double checked and that's the truth.

Speaking of truth, here it goes. My first post that's open, honest and whole lot of scary if you ask me. But with 2013 in full swing, I'm hoping many of you don't see this post and we can go back to our regularly scheduled program in a couple of days. For those of you that do, I apologize in advance. It's a lot of words, so grab a glass of wine.

I don't have resolutions this year, just goals. Oh wait, I just lied. I did resolve to snuggle more with the puppy and always hug and kiss when we leave and enter the house. But those seemed normal so I never wrote them anywhere. Those are normal right?

But back to goals, yes I have a handful of them:
  1. To use this blog as an extension of me, to let you into my little world a whole lot more. What does this mean? It means you'll get to hear about Crossfit, paleo, Gluten Free and a whole lot more puppy. (That's in addition to random food ramblings, which is how this whole thing got started.) I'm basically hoping Lucy becomes famous and can support us when we grew old. Should I make that a goal too?
  2. To get back into style, to accessorize and to own the clothes I wear. I work from home, I love yoga pants and they are completely acceptable for a Tuesday night dinner. But, I also love fashion, grew up in that world and don't want to forget that classic style I was handed from my Mom.
  3. To stretch it out and go to yoga more. I hate to stretch, then I have to think of things and then I get all nervous and sweaty. And then my sweaty hands can't hold a stretch. But it's good for me so I'll do it.
  4. To determine my own healthy. Most recently as a couple of years ago I thought healthy was fat-free, skipping meals and a lack of taste. Luckily, my brother's a chef, my family is Mediterranean and I figured out a new healthy. Yes cookies are healthy if made from scratch (in my own little world).
  5. To understand the world of bubbly. I know nothing about Champagne, unless you count knowing that good champagne doesn't give you a hangover. But I want to know more so I can drink more. How does one go about this goal?
  6. To cater a party. I'm probably going to have to pay someone to let this one happen. It's totally opposite of how the deal should work, but I'm kinda backwards so I'll probably let that happen. I'm not beneath convincing a 1st grader to let me make cupcakes for their big day.
And now some pictures of the puppy. She's available for photo shoots 7 days a week!
Who is cuter than Lucy - Happy 2013!

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