Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Well, Today Was Rough

I'm confused what day it is, the holidays are over and all of a sudden there's no cookies. Without cookies I get confused, so I drink, a lot...

Of tea and coffee. Get your heads on straight - I work, you can't drink while you work. Actually, that's a lie, I've done it before when putting in long hours. It helps, and I think the work has a special twist to it. But back to the topic, hot beverages - I love them.

I think tea cups should be big and coffee cups should be small and classic. My absolute favorite are glass coffee cups. Seriously, how do they not break with boiling liquid - it's like a science experiment every morning. Remember back in the day when I thought I  liked science and went to school to become a doctor, yeah that was funny. Now I just write and work and hug people. I tricked everyone.

so cute, yet fancy
As you know I don't make coffee, my partner-in-crime does. But I know a lot about the topic (see how tricky I am). Like too much that if I start talking I borderline become a coffee nerd. I'm okay with that because otherwise I'm super cool (tricked again!). Okay back to coffee. I don't make it. My husband does. And I love it.

I drink it black, always. Well, that was a trick because once a couple of years ago I tried it with milk and sugar for 2 days. I quickly smartened up and went back to the straight up kind. That is unless it's a cappuccino, then obviously there's a milk product included.
I miss the overabundance of cappuccinos in Italy
Beans are bigger and better. Sure, ground coffee is easy, but it doesn't taste as good. And I should know I drink it black! The freshest coffee is in bean form and is most recently roasted. That brew will knock your Monday into Wednesday, trust me.

And in case you need me to clear up any confusion, here are some of my favs:
  • Folgers - ahaha tricked ya again! This isn't one of my favs.
  • Cafe Du Monde - we order this New Orleans staple and always have cans in our house. It comes in ground format, and is the only acceptable ground coffee allowed in our little kitchen. 
  • African & South American Beans - you can find these at a lot of gourmet coffee roasters and they are worth the premium price.
  • Fresh Market - for those times when we can't make it to a gourmet coffee retailer I depend on this specialty grocer. They sell beans, lots of them. I like variety.
And even better is pour-over coffee - the way coffee was supposed to be made. I first tried this at the Queens Kickshaw and fell in love. (If there are any Boston shops that do this PLEASE let me know!) So naturally I bought my husband all the items to make this at home for Christmas. I hope he's reading and he tries them out soon. (I'm tricky). I'll report back soon on how that experiment goes. For now, no tricking just drinking.


  1. Cafe Fixe in Washington Square in Brookline does pour-overs! They are truly coffee snobs in there. The manager told me that coffee is more complex than wine :-P

  2. Oh, I'll have to check that out - thanks Rupal!