Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm REALLY Hungry

And why is this news to you, it just is, read on and you'll understand. Let's start with some housekeeping items. Sidenote: Does anyone understand that phrase - I don't and it always confuses me. 

It's really cold here, but before the bitter blast we had this awesome warm weather. Lucy likes the sun on her face. She takes after her Mom (I'm her Mom in case any of you were confused)

I'm obsessing, no OBSESSING over this bag. I want to purchase it, but then this little voice tells me not to. Do you think my partner-in-crime has brainwashed me?
See it here!
Sore Muscle Update: For those of you that do crossfit (and those of you that don't) it's a humbling experience. Every single time I go. Someone once told me the day you aren't nervous for the workouts means there's something wrong. So that means I'm normal right?

And now on to food and my lovely hunger. I heart chocolate and wine, no lie.
Peanut Butter Truffles, yes please
But why is this a topic of conversation you ask? Well, this hunger is a welcome feeling after weeks of not wanting to eat and not enjoying a single bite. A food lover's worst nightmare. Back in November I was diagnosed with gastroparesis, which is basically the body's inability to digest properly. There's no reason people have it, it's unknown why or how you get it and many times it doesn't cause any harm. But then there are times when it's super yucky and bad - makes you seriously nausea, you have no appetite, and makes it hard to eat. Like really hard. And as someone who wants to be healthy I wanted answers. There were none, it was trial and error. And 8 weeks later today I have found my appetite.
Love the art of sharing bread at a table
I'm so happy I could jump for joy - or really just eat a cupcake and a coffee and just be. Not think about if I'll be okay, not worry if I'm being annoying to the nurse, not over-analyze every little thing I eat.
Beautiful dessert made by my bro

And that, my friends, is why I won't take food for granted, I won't underestimate its purpose and I'll enjoy every bit. For my body and my soul. 

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