Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Please Give Me More Hours

I miss the weekend, and it's only Tuesday. Don't get me wrong, I love my job but somehow things are easier on the weekend. There's usually cocktails, leisurely coffee drinking and a couple more hours in the day. I miss this when Tuesday feels like I just can't get everything done. Oh well.

Let's reminisce though on what happened this weekend so we can get ourselves excited for what's to come in just 4 short days. (That's me tricking myself into thinking the week will fly by.)

There was puppy playtime on the beach.
Apparently, Lucy thinks playtime is naptime and took a sunbath instead. Don't ask.

Then there was Prosecco (I drank it to quickly to take a photo. Oh, you're not supposed to chug Prosecoo? Oops, my bad.)

 Followed by some oyster tasting. Ah love. I love oysters over and over again. And these ones were dished up from Mare in Boston's North End. I applaud them. Thank you. Now please deliver to our sleepy beach town asap!
6 on the left are Little Pleasant Bay, 6 on the right are Island Creek
Oh and can we discuss this raspberry mignonette in the middle. I would have drank that straight from the container, but I I was dressed all fancy, you know. But, it was truly perfect - many mignonettes take away from the true oyster flavor, this one simply complemented it.

And then after-dinner cappuccino. Because 1. we are old, 2. we needed to pretend we were in Italy and 3. to give us a couple more hours in the day.

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