Monday, June 13, 2011

When 2 Good Things Meet

I have 2 favorites that cure a bad day and help me celebrate a great one - red wine and ice cream! Just pour a glass and take a spoonful or two and you're really all set for the night. It couldn't get any better....

Until someone decides to combine these 2 flavors at the Florence Gelato festival and create vino gelato - heaven! While in Florence we happened upon this great little festival where you can try all different flavors from the local Gelato vendors.Some of our favs included Greek yogurt, strawberry and hazelnut, but the true winner was vino gelato. It tasted like a robust glass of red wine and a cool scoop of gelato all in one bite.
Now only if I could figure out how to ship some of this masterpiece over to the U.S.

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