Saturday, June 11, 2011

Florence, Florence and it's Tuscan Treats

And now we head on over to Florence - I have a special place in my tastebuds for this small Tuscan town! Just because your in Italy doesn't mean you'll have the same type of food over and over again. Florence represents Tuscan cooking, which can be equated to those hearty homemade dishes that remind you of a grandma, any grandma. You'll even notice the plates scream - "come on in, you're home!"

Florence is known for bistecca alla fiorentina, which is a t-bone steak simple grilled over fire until just rare. And that's just what I ordered.
To be honest I'm not a diner who orders steak on a night out, but this one was a great choice. It was simply grilled, juicy and flavorful. Just some simple herbs, but whatever grandma is doing back there, it's amazing!

My husband (yes, he's now my husband folks!) went all pasta this night with gorgonzola ravioli. Again you can see how Florence creates hearty dishes that really ooze with comfort. I was surprised with how light the ravioli tasted and how delicate the gorgonzola flavor was to the taste. "Grandma, do you have help back there?"
Coupled with a bottle of Chianti we dined for over 2 hours and enjoyed every bite. I'm now off to find some Tuscan serving dishes of my own!


  1. Where did you eat in Florence? I'm going to be there later this week?

  2. Jennie,the food above is from Trattoria Corce al Trebbio -

    And definitely go to Gusta Pizza for lunch, it's the most amazing pizza you'll ever taste:

    Vini e vecchi sapori, which is the size of a dorm room and you'll share tables but I think it was one of the best meals I've ever had!

  3. Thanks Janet! I will let you know how everything is.

  4. Janet, Lenny gave me the link to your blog as I sent her pics of food I took in Italy when we were there 5/25-6/8. Very enjoyable. A place with same plates is just beyond Piazza Becaria at Il Barrino,
    Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 71/R, 50121 Florence, Italy
    * +39 055 660565 |

    Bella Italia!