Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dinner & Dessert - Roman Style

Our next bite on this Italian tour is in a little place called Ristorante Alfredo alla Scrofa in Rome where we enjoyed two of our favorite dishes - Fettuccine Alfredo and Tiramisu (a sigh of happiness). Our close friends gave us a wedding gift to this restaurant and it was definitely a winner!

Now let me preface this in saying I'm not a huge fan of Fettuccine Alfredo as I find it to be a heavy dish with no distinct flavor. My husband however is a through and through Alfredo fan. And I think I've been converted. Well, only if it's made as it is at Alfredo's alla Scrofa. First, they mix the noodles and the sauce right at the table so you know the dish is fresh and you can see the lightness in every toss. Which brings me to my next point - these homemade noodles were as light as air, barely weighing in your stomach yet providing a perfect base for the sauce. And for the sauce, it wasn't thick as I've seen many times before but actually disappeared into the noodles and really provided a distinct cheese taste that wasn't overbearing in any sense.
Alfredo's you win the Alfredo Award!
And now on to dessert, my love of tiramisu. I'm not a huge " restaurant dessert" fan unless it's ice cream (which in my mind is a whole different category), but I love tiramisu. It provides my coffee fix with a little cake and cream mixed in. I tried a couple of versions while in Italy and I think Alfredo's won the award! Tiramisu is not made equal everywhere. Again this dish was light but not forgettable and coffee-flavored but not demanding. It was the perfect end to a great meal out.
Tiramisu I will try to recreate you!

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