Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just the Basics...Italian Style

And now we begin our taste of Italy one little (or big) bite at a time. Dismiss all those memories of what you thought was pasta, pizza and wine because the taste, simplicity and freshness will bring a whole new meaning to some of your favorites. Today we start with the basics - simple ingredients placed on a plate to enjoy.


Prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella are nothing like you taste here in the U.S. This is one the appetizers you will see all over Italy - from Rome to Florence to the Coast. The Italian ham (that's not smoked) has a very silky and light flavor that pairs extremely well with fresh buffalo mozzarella. The cheese is not overly soggy or buttery but rather has texture and silkiness that smooths out the prosciutto while also giving it a more intense flavor. It's funny how that little white cheese has so much power!

Another interesting tidbit...buffalo mozzarella is actually a modern version of the more traditional mozzarella cheese, not an Italian staple that has been around all that long.

I urge you to try this simple yet delicious entrance into your meal at various locations. You'll learn to become picky about which ham has just the right tang and which cheese has the best smoothness to round out the dish. Our favorite actually came from our last night in Positano at Ristorante Mediterraneo...Bon Appetite!


  1. One of my favorites! Is that basil on the plate or something else?

  2. Yes, just a couple pieces of the freshest basil! I would like a perfume in basil...