Thursday, June 30, 2011

Energize, Energize, Energize

It's been quite a long week with work travel and lots of meetings - as well as the exciting anticipation of the upcoming holiday weekend. These are times when I drink a lot of coffee and really wake up just looking for my first cup. The funny thing many of you may not know is that I can NOT make coffee - or eggs for that matter. I leave these morning tasks to my husband or the cafe down the block, and I don't feel bad!

Image from Frugalista

I do however have some coffee favs and there just happens to be one here near my hotel. Peet's Coffee & Tea is a no-nonsense coffee shop that places just as much emphasis on tea as it does the black stuff (and they have great rolls too). If I had more time I'd relax in their comfy little shop and take my time sipping a cappuccino - but right now it's back to start my day feeling a little more awake.


  1. My favorite is Cafe du monde, which I order from there website. Also Kona, but that comes from Hawaii and is pretty expensive.

  2. Definitely 2 of our other favorites