Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Take This Tuesday!

Oh, the last time I posted was March 25th - let's ignore that okay? And instead we can talk about food and family and Tuesdays. I knew you were thinking the same thing. So has anyone ever had a weekend that needs a redo? We just had one over here - not that it was bad, just felt like our black travel cloud reared it's ugly head and so yeah. But there's lots of good stuff too.

Like when your aunt who's also your godmother sneaks you Greek cookies and Easter bread and you can eat them in the car and on Tuesday for breakfast.

Or when you get to test out a new funfetti cupcake recipe for a new Mom. And she eats them even though your heart tells you the batter is dry. (Oh and she's one of the most natural new mommies that one ever did meet!)

And then there's leftovers from Easter of one of your favorite dishes. And you've tried to recreate it but of course there is no family recipe written down and you have no idea why yours keeps coming out too dry. (yeah, apparently we ate this before taking any pictures)

Of course this smiley face. If you can guess how old she is, you'll win a prize. (Disclaimer: I have no idea what that prize is)

And raw fish, oysters and tuna to be exact. At the restaurant that is your brother's dream and now your life. And you love it all.

All of this makes a 7-hour drive (that was only supposed to be 3) seem doable and even fun. Now on to this Tuesday. Show me what you got!

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