Friday, December 30, 2011

Why I Cook?

Cooking for me is less about the need and more about the want. As much as it's focused around the food my goal is to keep a tradition alive. One that is focused around connection. Keeping alive the tradition that a meal - whether its bowls filled with soup or an Easter feast - is more than just eating. Food is simply the tool to bring us together to grow closer as family and friends and just be in the moment.

This started with my grandparents and was passed down to my parents and now to a bunch of cousins who know how to cook a great meal. Although we're busy with our everyday lives, and some of us live far away, we keep the tradition alive. There are texts of meals cooked, conversations around new restaurants and if given the choice our next meal would all be together.

Our goal is to remember our grandparents - one who's been gone for quite some time and our Yiaya that recently left. And to pass on the importance of family and connection through a simple meal.
It's making sure to slow down, sit with your loved ones and enjoy every moment - no matter what that meal might be.


  1. I love this. It is so true that food is an avenue to connect people and bring them together. What a great tribute to your grandparents and great way to keep your family connected. Happy New Year Janet!