Saturday, January 14, 2012

What the...

Shucked! As we all know I have a love of oysters. Okay maybe it's more of an obsession, but that obsession is shared by others (thank goodness!) in the new documentary Shucked. This quick read follows Erin Byers Murray's year at Duxbury's Island Creek Oyster Farm. My favorites oysters of all time.

Erin quit her day job (and quite a great day job at that) and somehow convinced Skip Bennett and others that she'd be great for a year of work. Nope, not office work but real oyster farming work at Duxbury Harbor.

Now we all know that oysters are my favorite and Island Creeks are top of the list, but this read provides more than that. Sure you get great knowledge of oyster farming (for nerds like me), but there's also tasty recipes and a deep sense of appreciation for where our oysters come from. More than that it's about life changes, hard work and beautiful beaches. After reading, I think many people would be scared far from a job in oyster farming, but for me it somehow has proved that I need to live closer to that world - some day folks, some day!

Buy it here!
In the meantime, read away and gain a greater appreciation for your next shucked oyster...yum.

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