Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chocolate + Espresso = Cookie Heaven

If I could be any type of angel, I'd choose to be a "cookie angel." Luckily, I was granted that wish a week ago and the results were....well, delicious!

During my stint as an angel I wanted to try something new and something chocolatey. However, I was short on time and really not looking for something too difficult. Yet again, Giada came to the rescue with her Double Chocolate & Espresso Cookies. (Trust me, creating a login for her site is WORTH it!)
How cute and chocolatey are these cookies!
I love when recipes call for chocolate and any type of coffee ingredient. Many times it's not to create a coffee flavor, but simply to enhance the chocolate taste - and who doesn't want that. These cookies were that much better since they used chocolate covered espresso beans and had a mild coffee undertone. Not to mention they were extremely simple and quick to make. Check out the recipe here!

And now for the "Good Cookie" winner - Maggie from "Kitchen Coo" - thanks to everyone who participated to support this great cause!

I think we'll extend cookie as I've got some more yummy recipes to share!


  1. Oh Janet, these were UNBELIEVABLY heavenly! You can be my cookie angel any day! I like to sneak a cookie in the mornings to go with my coffee and nothing has ever complimented my favorite combo like these cookies! FYI...they freeze very well, so I took just one out of the freezer in the morning and it was defrosted and ready to munch on by the time I got to work. Unfortunately they are all gone now, so I'll have to make these myself again now! Thank you again!

  2. anytime maggie!
    I think these will be on the menu for christmas eve breakfast