Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Making Fresh Work

I'm overly obsessed with the idea of fresh - those farm dinners you see popping up all over and restaurants that change their menus daily to accommodate what's just been picked that morning. However, I also understand the amount of time, money and planning it takes to pull off fresh day after day and night after night. So I applaud any restaurant that can incorporate even a little bit of this fresh idea and make it work.

Scarlet Oak Tavern in Hingham is one of my favs and flew to the top of the list when a) I realized they had outdoor seating, b) that outdoor seating is surrounded by their herb and vegetable garden and c) each week they produce a special "farm 2 fork" menu (which includes dessert!).

One of last weekend's "farm 2 fork" creations
I love how Scarlet Oak took the concept of fresh and not only made it their own but made it work for them. They grow what they can, work with local farmers and produce a mouthwatering taste of fresh. The food is within concept, believable to customers and utterly delicious!


  1. They have excellent food for lunch too at great prices!

  2. Yes - On tues and wed $1 oysters, one of my favs as you all know :)