Friday, August 19, 2011

Reinventing the Brown Bag Lunch

My mom used to pack our lunch in elementary school - it was turkey sandwich, grapes, salt-free pretzels and a granola bar. It may sound boring, but to us it was just our normal mom food that was perfect for a mid-day meal. I look back on these lunches and think how lucky we were to have a healthy mom who never bought white bread, didn't use much mayo and really packed a wholesome healthy meal - thanks Mom!

Fast forward about 20 years and things have gotten so crazy that this past month has been a lot of pick-up lunch time meals (if I have time to run out!). I actually love - and used to be known for - bringing my lunch so I'm taking the challenge - the Brown Bag Challenge.

Every weekday in September I pledge to bring my lunch (minus those days I"m traveling, that gets tough!) in hopes of eating a bit healthier, saving a little cash and getting back to what my Mom taught me. Lucky for you I'll share some great lunch time ideas along the way. There may be some days when I'll pack a good old school day lunch, but I"m hoping to give you some new and tasty ideas along the way.
So who's with me???


  1. haha. I have been telling myself the same thing for the past 2 months but I keep going to the cafeteria (at work), just easier. Can I try to bring lunch 2 out of the 5 days? Good luck with your challenge!!

  2. absolutely, start small and then it won't feel like this huge inconvenience...share any tips you come across!

  3. So glad you're joining the challenge! I'm getting Thai take-out today since I won't be able to next month during the challenge. Can't wait to see what you're brown bagging. I keep PB&J at work for emergencies, but am hoping to be much more creative than that.