Sunday, August 14, 2011

Two Weeks of Restaurants

It's back again folks - Restaurant Week Boston Summer 2011 - one of the best deals in town, that really is larger than the city itself. I remember about 5 years ago the list of restaurants only scrolled on one page, the celebration was only one-week long and not many people were talking about this event.

Oh how times have changed - and for the better! For 2 scheduled weeks (Sun-Fri) you can get a 2-course lunch for $15.11, a 3-course lunch for $20.11 or a 3-course dinner for $33.11. The best part is the choice of venues has grown extensively, so much so that it now spans north, south and west of the city. This is the time to try some of those overly delicate dishes that you've been saving for a special occasion. Although the menus are a fixed selection I've always felt all of the choices are the best showcase for each restaurant.

So grab some friends, schedule a date or just go it alone. My only reminder - please, pleas,e please tip the staff as if it were a regular-priced meal - they deserve it!
Happy Eating!

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