Saturday, July 9, 2011

Steam, Dump, Serve

Does anyone else think this has been an extra long week? I'm exhausted just remembering it all! In the midst of all the day-to-day work we had some great food nights, (most of which were supplied by others). Thanks to a very good family friend we were invited to a classic New England Clambake - our first thoughts were "yes, yes, yes we'll be there!"

Real New England Clambakes include all the shellfish you dream of steamed during one single night and placed in front of you on the good ole Boston Globe. I tell you folks it really doesn't get much better than this. Complete with oysters, clams (also known as Steamers), lobsters, potatoes, corn and drinks. It's one of the easier parties to host because you eat on the grass, rarely use a napkin and paper cups are always expected. Yet these nights also turn out to be some of the best with memories and salty fish goodness that linger for a while.

Isn't this a fish-lovers dream?

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