Sunday, July 24, 2011

Assembling Does Equal "Cooking"

There's some nights that the thought of washing a pot or pan makes me think twice about cooking. We don't have a dishwasher (which actually isn't so rough - I get my best thinking done while washing dishes) so on long hot days I rethink anything stove top or even grill top.

That combined with the fact that we were low on kitchen ingredient essentials - I turned to another "cooking" tactic I call assembling. Easy, fun and quite tasty! The hero of this meal was our Italian friend prosciutto. Wrappable, stuffable and really just lovable if you ask me.

So on this very lazy, busy night we simply assembled. Starting with a plate of prosciutto, mozzarella balls and basil drizzled with GOOD olive oil, salt and pepper. And a pretty little design.

Then we got crazy and I grilled some peaches (okay so I did use the grill pan for a bit!) to turn them super sweet and wrapped them with prosciutto. We may or may not have been one prosciutto piece short....

And that my friends is a technique I call "assembling" - great for parties, weekend dinners and any day when you just need a dish washing break!

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