Friday, April 22, 2011

What the heck is a leek?

I interrupt our regularly scheduled food obsessed conversation to bring in some explanation and education. While conversing with my future sister-in-law (whom I love dearly) about our grocery needs for a dinner full of brothy mussels I asked her to pick up some leeks. To which she asked "What the heck is a leek?" I gasped...

One of my favorite kitchen staples, I find leeks to be underutilized as they stand somewhere between yellow onions and scallions and need a good cleaning before they can be enjoyed. I can give you the text book definition and explain their oniony flavor and their root vegetable heritage, but that's not going to get your taste buds to understand this green and white heaven.

So here's what you do
  • Purchase some strong (not flimsy) leeks from the store or farmers market
  • Cut of the real fibrous green ends, let's say an inch or many people say to only use the white part, but they're missing out
  • Chop each leek into circles like you would a cucmber.
  • Now take these little heaven halos and place them in a bowl of water (since leeks grow in the dirt that's what resides in between the layers, by soaking, the dirt goes to the bottom and the leeks float to the top). Remove the floating leeks with a slotted spoon or collander - don't drain or else the dirt will surround your leeks again
  • Heat some GOOD olive oil in a pan
  • Saute leeks like onions
  • Try them...this is where you'll understand their texture is much smoother than a regular onion and the flavor is so mild it's just a sweet taste on your tongue. 
Thank you Jenn Dot Com

 And that my friends is a leek!


  1. Amen to leeks being an underrated product! Thanks for the photo credit!

  2. Perfect photo of our little green friends!