Monday, November 5, 2012

Friends that Send Food

I have a new friend, I've never met her, but she loves food and I think that's all I need to know. Oh and she lives in one of my favorite food cities.

I have a list of U.S food cities in my book, places where I have been and some where I plan to go to get the best eats. These include (in no particular order of course) - Boston, Chicago, D.C. NYC, Seattle, San Fran/Sonoma/Napa, Cinci (I'll explain this one some day), New Orleans and Austin. I love Austin and I love it even more after my new friend sent me some goodies.

As a part of the Austin to Boston Swap, Part Deux a group of bloggers from each city was paired up with a new friend with the promise of a food package in the future. There's really nothing better - friends brought together by food.Oh and did I mention I got the best match - I'm not prejudice or anything - best Austin box ever from Nelly Ramirez over at Analee.

And here's what I got and pretty much devoured:
  • El Milagro Chips - that's right homemade tortilla chips
  • Torchy's Diablo Sauce - this is the taco food cart that served my pre-flight meal prior to departing - holy carnitas, YUM
  • Goodflow Wild Flower Honey - my new friend knows I live for homemade honey - obsessed
  • Cuvee Coffe - my brother-in-law said it best, I'm a coffee snob and this one is right on par
  • Thunderbird Energetica Bars - okay these are my favorite - so much so that I need to order them asap
  • Butternut Squash - perfect for many of my fall-inspired meals
  • Edible Austin - just like Edible Boston magazine here in town
  • Wheatsville Breeze - this one was so cool, a newsletter from where Nelly shops
  • HER OWN PRESERVES - these I'm actually savoring and saving at the same time, I just don't want to share them with anyone

I can't talk much longer, I'm eating all my treats - thanks again Nelly!

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