Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Little Piece of Comfort

In the quiet beach town that we call home there's a little (literally) and new (again, literally) piece of comfort. It comes in the form of a warm smile and homemade eats. And this time it's really homemade. There's no menu and no schedule of favorites but instead this little piece of comfort rolls like the tide (that was cheesy, so I'll keep it in there). And we love every thing about the Acorn Canning Company.

The fact that there's homemade soup one day, fresh spring rolls the next and always seasonal pies gets me every time. And everything is made by one woman (and maybe some helpers) from scratch. This is the "real from scratch." From pie crusts to soup broth to inventive jams - where else can you find Strawberry vanilla jam? So good you want to eat it out of the jar, but you know that's really inappropriate.
My comfort of a lunch - homemade Chicken Noodle

And the best part - the daily selections are written on a large chalkboard outside the shop. So when you drive by you instantly want to cause an accident so you can get a slice of blueberry. It's a simple idea yet one that goes a long way. Do what you know and do it well. Acorn,  you are our little comfort!

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