Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How You Know You're Lucky

Being in your 30's is tough. No joke. I'm not sure how I didn't see it coming, but it definitely was a trick. There's expectation to be somewhere in your life and yet if you don't have certain boxes checked there's a sense of failure or angst when in reality there are no rules for life. Each life is a different story with a different path.

And in your 30's you can normally take on more risk, but you also have a deeper sense of reality. The two battle with each other and many times you forget to live your life. I'm here to remind you not to forget to count your lucky stars and remember all those accomplishments that make you lucky.

My husband works a ton. He also never complains. I complain a ton and he never calls me out on it. I'm pretty lucky.

We live in a house, an older house, one with never-ending renovations. I don't have a dishwasher, and I'm down a bathroom. I can't imagine living anywhere else. Definitely lucky.
That's wood paneling and a puke green wall!

Miss Lucy. She jumps up on people because she's SOOO excited to say hello. And she's sandy - All. The. Time. I'm pretty sure I'm lucky.

I have a dwindling number of best friends because life moves on. But those best friends, across the country no less, take wine and cheese very seriously. Lucky, no doubt.

My family is AMAZING. We aren't normal, but we're real and I think everyone should be jealous about that. I was born into that luck.
That's my cousin, teaching the rest of us cousins - she's now a teacher, go figure!
I can cook a meal and bake a cake to create memories with said friends and family. Being able to do that is part luck and part skill. I feel lucky to have both.


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