Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oystering the Weekend Away

It's the end of a season folks - oyster season that is. As many of you know one of my absolute favorite foods is oysters. I've told many a friends that if I had to pick a "last meal" it would be oysters and champagne, it seems like heaven just thinking about it.

Well to say goodbye to oyster season here on the east coast my partner-in-crime and I went to the Wellfleet Oyster Festival this weekend. It was pretty much my personal heaven. I think I smiled the entire weekend, ate oysters before 11am and never thought twice about it.

Some of he highlights included oysters with sour cream and caviar....
These are definitely extravagant little treats!

And grilled oysters - something new to me but the garlic flavor was to die for

But the oysters I ate the most were those deliciously, fresh Wellfleets with a splash of lemon

This is one happy food blogger. I'll miss you oyster season, but I'm counting down the days to your return.

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