Monday, October 24, 2011

Little Food Thoughts

And back to Monday....I'm already planning the events of next weekend, which include fun trail walks with the pup and some new dishes to enjoy with my partner-in-crime. How cute is the pup sleeping while standing (Sorry I couldn't stop myself from posting this)???
However this past weekend was a mixed bag of great and....well, let's say not so great. On the food side there were some frustrations. I'm used to living in a location where I have access to a variety of ingredients from various sources and don't have to think twice about finding a cut of meat, a specific herb or even your standard fresh vegetables. I've learned that where we now live I have to revamp my strategy and seek out what I need instead of assuming it will always be readily available. So I've made the decision to sign us up for South Shore Organics, where we can get fresh, local fruits and veggies delivered to our house each week.
This puts a smile on my face - big plus for the weekend!

On another note, I've determined that milk tastes better out of a glass jar. But not any glass jar, one that comes straight from a farm. For someone who doesn't drink a lot of milk I've found that the taste of fresh milk is a whole new world from the standard carton drink.
If anyone knows a good farm that delivers fresh milk - I'm all ears

And lastly - I've decided I won't give up on finding the perfect cappuccino. It may come down to purchasing our own machine and learning, but I won't give up. I can't, I miss these perfect little cups of bliss from Italy.
Happy Monday - how was your weekend - filled with food stories?

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